Beckley Birth Session

Births are my very favorite thing to shoot. I love the struggle, the drama, the highs and lows and tension that builds until this incredible moment of joy. I recently had the pleasure of photographing a dear friend and fellow photographer's birth at Tampa General Hospital. It was such a privilege to be there and to capture this beautiful day for her and her family. Here are a few of my favorites from this very large gallery. 


The Kocot Family

Due to a career change (because yes, I have a separate day job), I paused in taking photography clients from February until October. But this fall, I had the privilege of photographing this lovely family that I met through church. They are a delightful group, all of them have such a heart for family and investing in people and caring for their community, so it was my pleasure to spend a Saturday morning with them behind my camera. 


The Walker Family

Now that we are settled in the Tampa Bay area, I'm ready to launch my photography business in January 2017. It's time to move beyond the stock photography work I've been doing, and time to start taking clients. In preparation, I've been putting together a few shoots to beef up my web portfolio (which will be coming SOON), and last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the Walker family. The Walkers live in our neighborhood, our kids play together and along the way, the grown ups forged a friendship as well. We adore this family, and it was such an honor to get to take their family portraits. 

I won't spoil the entire gallery, since the Walkers may have some grand plans for these images, but here are a few of my favorites from the session.

Clickin Walk 2016

Each year, Click Magazine and the associated women's photography forum, Clickin Moms, sponsor a weekend of regional photography walks all over the world. This year, I attended the Tampa/St. Petersburg Clickin Walk, which coincided with the St. Pete Art Walk. 9 other photographers and I set out to walk the town, take in the sights, and photograph whatever inspired us along the way. We visited a glass blower's studio, a ceramics/clay sculpture studio, and several other locations, and these are some of the images I grabbed that evening. It was a fun way to meet some local artists and photographers and get the creative juices flowing once again!

Big changes. Huge.

It's been so long since we've had a chance to chat! Let me catch you up!

In February, our family received orders to move to Tampa, Florida. We were to arrive in Tampa by the 15th of May, so in mid-April, movers arrived to pack up all of our worldly belongings into crates and load them onto trucks, that would put them in a container that would be stacked on a ship destined for Florida. It's mid-May, and our household goods are still on a boat somewhere, but our family is here in Florida, "glamping" in our new home. We're living with bean bags, lawn chairs, a card table and air mattresses, but hey, we're together and it's home. 

In the interim, I've begun a new photo-a-day project, which I will be updating here on a monthly-ish basis. The kids spent two weeks with their grandparents in Texas while Brad and I bought a car, secured a home, and then drank and shopped and ate our way through central Florida. We spent a week in Orlando visiting Mickey and the gang (since we HAD to stay in a hotel before we could move into our home, we figured we might as well make a vacation out of it). And we've had several fun outings to explore our new home town. In typical fashion, I've taken lots of pictures, which I will slowly dole out in the weeks to come. 

Keep checking back--lots of new images and updates to come!

More from Click Away 2015: Lensbaby Portraiture with Caroline Jensen

When I discovered Caroline Jensen was offering a Lensbaby Portraiture class, I knew I had to sign up. Caroline Jensen is a fantastic artist and instructor, and I appreciate the work she does using the Lensbaby lenses. Lensbaby lenses allow a photographer to selectively blur parts of an image for artistic effect. The look is very different, and the lenses are manual focus and can be tricky to use, but the effect is gorgeous when done correctly. Here are a few images from the on-location shoot we did at the Alamo.

Highlights from Click Away 2015

This past week, I visited San Antonio, Texas to attend the 2015 Click Away Conference, a photography conference sponsored by Clickin' Moms. The conference was three days of classes, shooting demonstrations, hands-on workshops and field trips around the area to practice what we were learning. I have been looking forward to this conference for months. For years, I've been a part of the online Clickin' Moms community, forming friendships on the forum with women I'd never met in real life. But this past week, I was able to change that: I had the opportunity to meet with and get to know the women behind the avatars, and it was such an amazing experience. During the conference, I was able to take a few courses that involved shooting models. The first of these was with Mae Burke, a photographer in Texas specializing in motherhood photography. I really enjoy Mae's work and it was such a pleasure meeting her and seeing her in action. Toward the end of class, we were separated into groups of 5 and allowed to shoot the model. Although it was crowded (5 women with cameras crowded around a  mom and her baby) I managed to get a couple of shots during my 1-2 minute window.

I really enjoyed photographing this lovely model and her adorable munchkin. I would love to have had more time to work with them, but I was content to listen to Mae explain the ins and outs of breastfeeding and motherhood photography, a niche area of photography that holds great interest for me, as I am interested in eventually shooting birth and breastfeeding photography.

That's all I'll share for today--keep an eye out for additional shares over the next few days (as I catch up on editing--and laundry-- from a week away).