Big changes. Huge.

It's been so long since we've had a chance to chat! Let me catch you up!

In February, our family received orders to move to Tampa, Florida. We were to arrive in Tampa by the 15th of May, so in mid-April, movers arrived to pack up all of our worldly belongings into crates and load them onto trucks, that would put them in a container that would be stacked on a ship destined for Florida. It's mid-May, and our household goods are still on a boat somewhere, but our family is here in Florida, "glamping" in our new home. We're living with bean bags, lawn chairs, a card table and air mattresses, but hey, we're together and it's home. 

In the interim, I've begun a new photo-a-day project, which I will be updating here on a monthly-ish basis. The kids spent two weeks with their grandparents in Texas while Brad and I bought a car, secured a home, and then drank and shopped and ate our way through central Florida. We spent a week in Orlando visiting Mickey and the gang (since we HAD to stay in a hotel before we could move into our home, we figured we might as well make a vacation out of it). And we've had several fun outings to explore our new home town. In typical fashion, I've taken lots of pictures, which I will slowly dole out in the weeks to come. 

Keep checking back--lots of new images and updates to come!