Highlights from Click Away 2015

This past week, I visited San Antonio, Texas to attend the 2015 Click Away Conference, a photography conference sponsored by Clickin' Moms. The conference was three days of classes, shooting demonstrations, hands-on workshops and field trips around the area to practice what we were learning. I have been looking forward to this conference for months. For years, I've been a part of the online Clickin' Moms community, forming friendships on the forum with women I'd never met in real life. But this past week, I was able to change that: I had the opportunity to meet with and get to know the women behind the avatars, and it was such an amazing experience. During the conference, I was able to take a few courses that involved shooting models. The first of these was with Mae Burke, a photographer in Texas specializing in motherhood photography. I really enjoy Mae's work and it was such a pleasure meeting her and seeing her in action. Toward the end of class, we were separated into groups of 5 and allowed to shoot the model. Although it was crowded (5 women with cameras crowded around a  mom and her baby) I managed to get a couple of shots during my 1-2 minute window.

I really enjoyed photographing this lovely model and her adorable munchkin. I would love to have had more time to work with them, but I was content to listen to Mae explain the ins and outs of breastfeeding and motherhood photography, a niche area of photography that holds great interest for me, as I am interested in eventually shooting birth and breastfeeding photography.

That's all I'll share for today--keep an eye out for additional shares over the next few days (as I catch up on editing--and laundry-- from a week away).