Things have gone silent for so long here on the blog. So many changes in such a short time since I last wrote in the spring. 

I began a new job in February, taking a small social media job at my church that I thought would give me a little extra income in an easy position. 

Or so I thought....

Apparently, God had different plans for my work at Centerpoint Church. Within a few weeks, I went from a 20-hour-per-week position to a 30-hour position which is more like a 40 hour job most weeks. I'm now the Media Director at the church, handling social media, marketing, and graphic design and print production. It is a crazy, challenging, fun, and ever-changing job and so far, I really enjoy it. I just wish I'd known what I was getting into before I started.

Since February, I've felt as if I was thrown into the deep end, with little preparation. I'm furiously trying to keep my head above water, working mostly full-time and still handling my non-profit and all of the same responsibilities I had before. About the time I managed to find a rhythm to my days, the school year ended and everything shifted again, with summertime camps and travel and activities added to the mix. But now summer is coming to a close, and I'm looking forward to a new school year, with a predictable schedule and a little less chaos. And hopefully, a little more time for writing and photography. Stay tuned!