The Morning Buzz

The move is complete, we're all unpacked and settled, and the kids have gone back to school. Time for me to get this blog, website, and all my social media accounts up-to-date! I'll start with a few pictures from my morning walks.

Now that I've been forced to become an early riser (completely against my will), I've decided to make the best of my mornings. Once I drop the kids off at the bus stop, our dear pup, Freckles, and I go on a walk, with my camera in tow. Although there aren't a lot of human subject about for me to photograph, I do enjoy my time with nature.

On a recent morning, I stopped to snap some bright flowers waving in a lovely patch of light when a bee lazily flew into the frame. I looked around and noticed that there were a lot of bees working about the bed of flowers, so I dropped to the sidewalk, took a seat, and waited. My patience paid off and I was able to capture many of these industrious workers in action. 


All of these images can be purchased/licensed through Offset. Check out my Offset Portfolio here.