Okinawan Festival

I had great photographic hopes for the Honolulu Okinawan Festival. In my head, I imagined colorful costumes, painted faces, elegant dances and performances--a street photographer's dream right? Well, the reality was a bit disappointing. The festival was small, not very picturesque, and the tight quarters of the dark tents made shooting a challenge. I did manage a few fun street shots, but nothing close to what I was imagining. And to top it all off, the andagi-dog (like a corn dog, with the hot dog dipped in andagi--Okinawan doughnut--batter) made me sick all night. Boo. However, seeing the man pushing his dog in a stroller made it all (mostly) worthwhile. I mean seriously, the dog was wearing a kimono. And sunglasses (doggles?). With a hat. Come on.