The Inheritance Series

We often think of an inheritance as something from a Hollywood film: a windfall from a distant, unknown uncle that completely changes the life of the recipient. For others, it's a beloved item handed down from generation to generation that is cherished and revered. But is our inheritance always a good thing? What about pain, dysfunction, addiction, abuse? The angry habits we learn from watching our parents, the addiction we fall into despite spending our childhoods swearing, "That will never be me!" What about the scars left behind by depression, eating disorders, poor self-esteem or sexism? 

As a mother, I have often looked at my own choices and behaviors and asked, "What am I handing down to my daughter? What insecurities, fears, dysfunctions will she learn by watching me?" This reflection is not just an exercise in self-flagellation; this critical look at my own childhood, how it shapes me, my experiences in young adulthood, and the behaviors I act out in my daily life-- it empowers me to choose better, to do better. To bravely look into the mirror and decide: what do I want to leave behind? 


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The Offering

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